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Pensions & Investments – Ten years past the global financial crisis: Lessons learned in fixed income
August 20, 2018

With the approaching anniversary of the global financial crisis, an important metric is being reset: the 10-year performance track record. Asset managers will, starting very soon, no longer have 2008 on their 10-year historical performance charts. With its disappearance, an elementary but key gauge of risk management will vanish as well.

In the August 20th issue of Pensions & Investments, Chris Adair, senior managing director, head of sales, client service and strategy at Ryan Labs Asset Management discusses the importance of measuring risk adjusted returns in the Investment Insights article, “Ten years past the global financial crisis: Lessons learned in fixed income”. He explains a simple measure – the information ratio – can help fixed income portfolio managers identify clues to hidden performance risks.

Rebalancing-Diversification Return: The Opportunity Cost of Illiquid Investments
Summer 2018

John Linder, Managing Director, Marketing and Client Strategy, Ryan Labs Asset Management, a Sun Life Investment Management company, presents a framework for estimating an illiquid investment’s required-return premium as the “opportunity cost” of its illiquidity. To learn more about Ryan Labs Asset Management, visit

Asset TV Masterclass: Liability Driven Investing
May 2018

In this edition of Masterclass, Chris Adair, Senior Managing Director and Head of Sales, Marketing and Strategy, Ryan Labs Asset Management, a Sun Life investment Management company, joins the panel of experts to help institutional investors understand the shifting liability-driven investing landscape.

Money Management Report, Gone are the sleepy days of insurance asset management
April 7, 2018

Outsourcing on behalf of insurance companies has experienced steady growth for several years and is likely to continue, writes Brett Lousararian, CFA, Managing Director and Head of Distribution, Prime Advisors, Inc., a Sun Life Investment Management company.

Sun Life Institutional Investments (Canada) Inc. Announces Leadership Succession
March 28, 2018

Eugene Lundrigan to take on additional accountabilities as President, Sun Life Institutional Investments (Canada) Inc. while continuing to head up business strategy for the global asset manager; Heather Wolfe joins team as Senior Managing Director, Head of Business Development and Client Relationships.

Video: Candace Shaw – “You have to have conviction"
March 2018

Sun Life Investment Management’s Candace Shaw, Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Private Fixed Income is featured on Asset TV’s Alpha Female Series – to discuss the career opportunities she has seized and how tenacity and conviction have been key ingredients to her success.

Pensions & Investments – Commentary: Including U.S. commercial mortgages in fixed-income portfolios
February 12, 2018

Steve Peacher, President, Sun Life Investment Management recently authored an article in Pensions & Investments on U.S. Commercial Mortgages in Fixed Income Portfolios.

FundFire, A Financial Times Service, Opinion – Private Credit: Opportunities Abound but Diligence Necessary
November 22, 2017

Candace Shaw, Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Private Fixed Income, Sun Life Investment Management, talks about private credit, as part of FundFire’s Opinion series.

How does managing money for the Sun Life Financial general account have an impact on how Sun Life Investment Management manages money for clients?
Fall 2017

In this quarter’s Spotlight, Steve Peacher, President of Sun Life Investment Management addresses a question often posed by prospects and clients. You’ll see that his answer provides insight into how Sun Life Investment Management harnesses over 150 years of investment experience to differentiate itself in a yield-starved market, and is driven to meet the challenging goal of adding alpha to client portfolios.

Video: It started with a vision… and in today’s market, it didn’t take long for that vision to grow.
October 2017

Learn more about Sun Life Investment Management.

Direct Investment in U.S. Commercial Real Estate
Fall 2017

Direct investment in U.S. commercial real estate is a growing area of focus for institutional investors due to the potential to provide enhanced yields with low volatility, inflation protection and portfolio diversification. This paper explores the benefits, opportunities and outlook on U.S. commercial real estate for institutional investors.

How can I manage risk and enhance yield on my fixed income portfolio?
Summer 2017

There is a wide range of alternative fixed income investments in the marketplace, from private fixed income to commercial mortgage backed securities. And depending on the type of investment and the quality of the asset, you can find investments across the risk-reward spectrum.

One of the alternative fixed income investments on the lower-end of the risk scale that’s often overlooked is the conventional commercial mortgage. There are a lot of other products out there that are more esoteric and hold the potential for higher yields. But it’s hard to ignore an asset class that routinely delivers returns above risk-free government treasuries and is on the conservative end of the risk spectrum.

The Globe and Mail, Steve Peacher: 'If you give people an opportunity, people will rise to it' 
July 31, 2017

Steve Peacher, President, Sun Life Investment Management, speaks to The Globe and Mail about his career path to management, as part of THE LADDER series.

How will U.S. commercial real estate perform in a slower economic cycle? Could changes in government policy cause an impact?
Spring 2017

The U.S. commercial real estate market is the largest in the world and remains relatively attractive. That’s something we’re hearing firsthand from our global clients.

Fundamentals remain strong, and we don’t see political or policy changes having a significant near-term impact on U.S. commercial real estate. We are indeed dealing with some uncertainty that impacts the U.S. property markets, but with Brexit and potential government changes in Europe, that uncertainty is global and not confined to the U.S. alone.

Interest rates remain at historic lows – what are some strategies for optimizing our fixed income asset allocation?
Spring 2017

The comment that “rates can’t remain this low for long,” has been heard steadily in fixed income markets for the last 20 years as yields have continued to reach new lows. One case study is Japan where rates there have been at, near or below zero since the mid-nineties. Today, low rates are a global phenomenon. In order to see a sustained move to higher rates, we need to see both stronger global growth and signs of increased inflation, neither of which appear to be on the horizon.

National Investment Roundtable 
Straight talk on the issues that concern Canadian defined benefit pension plan sponsors
Spring 2016

In November 2015, Sun Life Investment Management Inc. travelled across Canada hosting five intimate roundtable discussions to find out what's on the minds of some of the country's leading defined benefit pension plan sponsors.

Positive talk, limited action on pension plan de-risking 
The 2015 Sun Life Investment Management Defined Benefit Pension Plan Report
Spring 2015

With the lessons of 2008 still fresh, there is renewed discussion about de-risking avoiding future funding shocks. However, as our 2015 research shows, much of the talk of de-risking hasn’t yet turned into action, and many plans still have nearly one-half or more of their assets exposed to equity markets.

The LDI Roundtable (November Benefits Canada) 
November 2014

The LDI Roundtable (November Benefits Canada) captures a discussion among eight LDI industry experts who provided a range of perspectives about the LDI market in Canada. As participants, Brent Simmons, Senior Managing Director, DB Solutions, and Steve Morris, Managing Director, Liability Driven Investing, talk about how, with the solutions available in Canada, sponsors no longer need to predict equity markets and interest rates to manage the risks in their pension plan.

What are the leaders of Canada’s largest pension funds saying?
Fall 2014

Few people in our industry have a better window on the retirement world than defined benefit plan sponsors. These are the organizations directly impacted by market movements, regulation and policy changes, and shifts in government retirement programs.

That’s why Sun Life Investment Management recently surveyed leaders at Canada’s largest pension funds, seeking their opinions on some of the most topical issues today.

The Canadian institutional commercial mortgage market: why is now the time?
Phil Gillin, Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Canadian Property Investments, Sun Life Investment Management
David Levy, Managing Director, Real Estate Valuation Group, Sun Life Investment Management
April 2014

Why is now the time for investing in the Canadian commercial mortgage market? This paper explores some of the reasons why, including scale, market performance, and investment opportunity.

The Canadian institutional real estate market: why is it a popular place?
Phil Gillin, Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Canadian Property Investments, Sun Life Investment Management
David Levy, Managing Director, Real Estate Valuation Group, Sun Life Investment Management
April 2014

Why is the real estate market popular? This paper explores some of the reasons why, including market performance, accessibility, and diversification.

The Pension Legacy Challenge
Steve Peacher, Executive Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer, Sun Life Financial
February 2014

It was a decade of innovation. The 1950s offered up an array of new products like colour television, microwaves and the Ford Edsel. Some were successful; others became marketing case studies with titles like “The wrong car at the wrong time.”