About us

Where we started; who we are today

Sun Life Investment Management was created in 2014 and demonstrates the commitment of Sun Life Financial (Sun Life) to growing and diversifying its asset management business.

Sun Life Investment Management leverages Sun Life’s long-standing expertise in liability driven investing (LDI) and private asset class investments to offer customized investment solutions to third-party institutional investors.

The Sun Life Investment Management group of institutional investment management companies

Sun Life Institutional Investments (Canada) Inc. was established in Canada in 2013 as a portfolio manager, investment fund manager and exempt market dealer, launching its first suite of private asset class funds in 2014.

In 2015, Sun Life enhanced Sun Life Investment Management’s capabilities in LDI and alternative yield strategies with the acquisitions of  Bentall Kennedy Group in North America,  and Prime Advisors, Inc. and Ryan Labs Asset Management Inc. in the United States.

These operations have combined third-party assets under management of $66 billion, as of December 31, 2018.  Sun Life Investment Management is supported by the investment division of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada that manages $152 billion in assets under management for the Sun Life Financial group of companies as of December 31, 2018.*

*The information on this website is in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.

Our goal and mission

The goal of the Sun Life Investment Management group of companies is to provide institutional investors with a suite of capabilities that meet their investment objectives by focusing on our core investment strength in alternative and traditional yield strategies and LDI.

Our mission is to design and deliver investment solutions for liability-based institutional investors based on our long-standing experience in liability-driven investing and alternative, yield-driven asset classes.

Our beliefs and values

At Sun Life Investment Management, we are driven by four core beliefs:.

Understanding client needs. Assets should be invested to achieve a set of specific goals that are based on the obligations and interests of the client. Clearly understanding and defining these goals is the critical first step in developing appropriate investment strategies.

Diversification reduces risk. Broad diversification within a portfolio is critical to managing downside risk.

A repeatable investment process leads to consistent results. Ongoing investment success results from diligent, repeatable investment processes executed by an experienced and stable team of investment professionals operating in a culture of collaboration and respect.

Effective risk management is central to investing. Risk management must be built into the entire investment process, from investment selection to portfolio construction and ongoing management.

A foundational set of values guides all of our activities:


means we are committed to the highest standards of business ethics and good governance.


represents our diverse, talented workforce where we encourage, support and reward people in contributing to the full extent of their potential.

Client focus

is at the heart of what we do. We provide sound financial solutions for our clients and always work with their interests in mind.


is what we pursue through our dedicated people, our quality products and services, and our value-based risk management.


is what we deliver value to our clients and shareholders we serve and to the communities in which we operate.


is how we listen to our clients to provide them with a better experience through innovative products and exceptional service.