Investment solutions

Bentall Kennedy

Bentall Kennedy offers specialized real estate investment management and property management services, and is a leading real estate asset manager in North America. Its investment management business advises public and corporate pension funds, life insurance companies, endowments, foundations and trusts, high net worth families and sovereign wealth funds on direct investments in office, industrial, retail and multi-family residential real estate. For more details about the Bentall Kennedy solutions visit

Prime Advisors, Inc.

Prime Advisors, Inc. specializes in asset management for insurance companies in the United States, creating individual portfolios with customized investment benchmarks. Prime does not have standard, designated products, but rather, through a unique service model covering capital markets and actuarial strategy, they develop customized portfolio solutions for each client’s individual needs and objectives. These portfolios are tailored to fit within company investment guidelines and are matched with customized benchmarks to track performance. Prime’s fixed income expertise has transitioned to providing custom separate accounts for other institutional investor types including Registered Investment Advisors, Family Offices, Native American Entities, Endowments and Public Entities. For more details about the Prime Advisors, Inc. solutions visit

Ryan Labs Asset Management

Ryan Labs Asset Management offers actively managed fixed income separate account vehicles and mutual funds to institutional investors in the United States. Their investment process seeks to add value through issue selection and sector rotation which is implemented versus popular market indexes and custom liability indices across the duration spectrum.

In 1991, Ryan Labs became the first asset manager to create a daily Custom Liability Index® and manage a bond portfolio against it. For those clients with liability objectives, Ryan Labs manages fixed income portfolios that seek to reduce interest rate risk, tracking error, and surplus volatility versus a client’s liability index or long duration benchmark relative to their liabilities. 

Their robust platform offers fixed income strategies that are managed in a total return framework with the goal of outperforming their indexes at the lowest relative risk and cost to the client. For more details about the Ryan Labs Asset Management solutions visit

Sun Life Institutional Investments (Canada) Inc.

Sun Life Institutional Investments (Canada) Inc. offers private asset class pooled funds (particularly in private fixed income, and commercial mortgages) and liability driven investment (LDI) strategies for defined benefit pension plans, insurance companies and other institutional investors in Canada. The firm launched its first set of private asset class pooled funds in April, 2014 leveraging the investment processes of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada’s own general account within a series of open ended pooled funds structured as Limited Partnerships, and by Sun Life becoming a significant co-investor in the Funds. 

Sun Life Institutional Investments (Canada) Inc. also offers liability driven investments, designing and managing investment strategies that match the complex characteristics of insurance and defined benefit pension plan liabilities in partnership with the Defined Benefits Solutions division of Sun Life Financial. For more details about the Sun Life Institutional Investments (Canada) Inc. solutions visit

Defined Benefits Solutions

Defined Benefits Solutions offers a full suite of risk-transfer solutions including longevity insurance, annuity buy-out, and annuity buy-in. Sun Life Financial started selling annuities in 1880 and is the number one provider of group annuities in Canada.* For more details about risk-transfer solutions visit

*LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, February 2015